The Celestial Navigator to the Stars, takes You through 7 Perfectly Orchestrated Meditations!  13 page booklet inside with visualizations, coloring exercises and Dolly Daily Tasks.

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  • Revenge; What the Buddha Never Spoke.  How to survive the loss of love.
  • Let’s Rebirth - Come back with a better set of parents who have established a trust fund in your name!  

  • Develop Your Inner Penis. Missile Launch!

  • Make Womb for Barbie.  (develop your inner Barbie) Practice Pouting, withholding, emotion jerking, and utilizing that time of the month to make him do what you want!
  • Dog Gone It, Your Dog is Gone!  Travel to that heavenly kennel on the other side and reacquaint yourself with some of your other pets you never took care of.  Stephen King has nothing on your Pet Cemetery!

  • Travel the Road Less Paved!  Avoid selfish travelers or swerve to hit them!     

  • Pot Traumatic Stress Syndrome.  If you can't remember, just forget it!

So He Dumped You.

  • So your soul mate has been mating with another soul.  Be grateful that rabid monkey is on someone else's back -- just don't take him back!
  • The Dolly believes that Love is an investment.  And we all want some interest back on our investments, don't we?  Love is like a bank so, if you don't see any interest back on your investment, cut your losses and move on.
  • If you are without love and suffer from loneliness, you're not alone. Half of the world is looking for its other half and half of them are half-wits who wouldn't know love if it hit them in the face! 
  •  So... relax, take a deep breath, put yourself on PAUSE, and the next time someone comes to your door and says, "Knock, knock" ask, "Who's really, really, there?" before you let them in!
Party On Princess!