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 Send in your lonely Sock - you know the one that you just don't have the heart to throw away, hoping that one day you will find its mate? 
The Dolly will find the Perfect Mate for you!!! 
Just email your photo to
Look who the Dolly Found!
The Dolly and The Dahli
The Body of the Dolly is made out of Her lonely slightly cat-chewed pink sock; fully festooned with ladybugs. 
 Her ample green bosom is carefully enhanced from the heel of that same lonely sock.  
The Dalai Lama sent this skull & cross bones motif.  It was floating around his meditation chambers.  
The Dalai has a great sense of humor - he wore these socks to the Nobel Prize for Peace Ceremony in Oslo, 1989.  
But he lost one.   One member from his entourage suspects it was lost while skating boarding around the fjords.
But like His hope for freeing Tibet - 
His Holy Mess never gave up the search!   
Now He Has Found His Perfect Sole Mate!