After countless hours of self-obsession, tons of nervous breakdowns and  failed relationships, Her Holy Mess, The Dolly Lila, felt qualified to pass on Her hard earned wisdom to all who would listen to Her!

Her Holy Mess lives at SWAT,  "Sisters Wild About Theosophy" Compound.   It's really more of a closed knit group (well, at present more like a couple of gals) but the movement is growing fast, so hurry up and join! 

The Compound is for Women Only -  and a Few Men, but only if they are really, really, sorry and only after they have performed the behavior modification rituals - tee hee!

Her home, affectionately called, “The Tactile Deficiency Center,”  is a pink pillbox-shaped steel enforced bunker.


Her Holy Mess hides out in the TDC whenever she wants to deflect the radioactive dust from failed relationships, regroup after a near-life experience, escape the IRS, or simply to have a hot bath, a cuticle push, and a good cry!
The Dolly uses this underground ‘pillbox’ time to reflect upon the constant pressures facing all spiritual leaders today.    "It's really, really, hard."  

Once safely ensconced in her underground fortress Her Holy Mess (without evidence of any intuitive insight or education) uses her tactile deprivation as her muse and afterward shares her insights with the masses.   
Many of Her followers have experienced something kinda like enlightenment, it's called  ‘Redmatta’ (a spontaneous reddening of the hair) in homage to their beloved leader. 

 Witness the devotion of Her Flock in the photo taken on "Earth Day", at Echo Lake, 2016, the hottest day ever recorded there in all of Herstory!  She was going through Men-o-pause, so she may have created the warming.

Dolly Followers at The Sermon on the Moehill

 * Excerpts from Her Sermon  

"Nineteen million women experience menopause each year. 

That’s nineteen million women with hot flashes, night sweats, excess gas and volcanic-like mood swings!   Talk about Global Warming!  

But do scientists give any credit to women who donate gas, which helps to create this undesirable greenhouse effect?    Does the science community do any research on this phenomenon?    Doubtsies!    Women are always the last ones to get credit!    Just another example of how women are being left out of the equation and Paris Climate Accord.  "Shame on them.   Shame, Blame, and then Reclaim Women's status as Major Contributors to Global Warming.    Kisses!"   

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