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T-shirts, Hats, CD's, Mugs, Underwear, Enlightenment Pens, Jewelry, Calendars and More!

Wouldn't your Chest look Flattering with one of These T-Shirts Inscribed with a
Dolly Daily Word?

                                                   Or, How About Some Laminart Jewelry? 
                         Wouldn't your Inner Child look Divinely Enhanced this Way?

Her Holy Mess the Chosen One as a Child

 Or, Replenish YourSelf with a CD with such Classics as: Revenge What the Buddha Never Spoke, Develop Your Inner Penis, Make Womb For Barbie (for men who are missing their feminine side) Let's Rebirth: Come Back with A Better Set of Parents who have Developed a Trust Fund in Your Name, Dog Gone It Your Dog is Gone, and If You Can't Remember; Just Forget it!  

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