Anti-Aging Secrets

Mirror, mirror on the wall, guess
who’s barely aging at all?


Anti Aging Secrets from Her Holy Mess.

Love is the best cosmetic you can wear.  Spread Love on one side of your face and Hate on the other.   Notice how the Hate Side looks slimy and like you've been binging on over-processed foods? Now Spread Love on the other side of your face.  Notice how the Love side looks like its been juicing, getting lots of sleep and taking decaf-coffee enemas? Turn the other cheek, babe!   Love - make all your relationships deep and meaningful, regardless of how superficial they may be.

AGE  Nothing Sags on the Moon.  But it does cost 22 Million to get there!  So travel with light instead.  Shine on!   

INTERIOR DESIGNING Stop! Avoid the Interior Decorator trap. Rearranging the parts inside of your significant other is a know-no. Leave him Alone!!!   Stay in your own center and stop trying to live inside of someone else.  You won't have all that emotional eating after

ADOPT A PET  Pets are better people and they don't stray as often. Pets reduce blood pressure, expand your pupils, and give you something to come home to.   Pets help you love yourself, when no one else can stand you.   They never complain about how messy your home is, and often take the blame for when you pass gas!   Very Anti-agapic.

LONELINESS.  If you are on a downhill slope and traveling faster than the speed of loneliness, pull over at the nearest exit, find a soft shoulder to rest upon, and let go of the wheel!   -- God Loves U Turns!